Chi La Sow (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Chi La Sow

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Film Name – Chi La Sow
Film Director – Rahul Ravindran
Casting Stars – Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore
Story Based – Comedy,Romance
Released In – Aug 3, 2018
Country Name- India
Language – Telugu

Chi La Sow (2018) Telugu Review:
Arjun (Sushanth, during a refreshing turnaround from the films he’s done thus far) is twenty seven and besieged to urge married before he hits the terrible thirty mark — the quantity that heralds the ‘over the hill’ introduce the organized wedding market. Haven’t several people been through or witness to similar experiences? Actor Rahul Ravindran who’s creating his directorial debut begins the film with this relatable thread and sets it up sort of a feel-good romantic comedy.

Arjun could be a nice guy however isn’t able to commit himself to a bond of a period of time. His reasons are literally excuses — he has his goals that embrace shopping for a luxury automotive and travel single to Europe. a number of North American nation are through that part speculative what the period of time commitment would entail and have tried to shop for a while, many a lot of years to merely be. As usual, there’s the mother (a terribly charming Semitic deity Hassan) making an attempt each trick within the book to create Arjun fall in line. There’s conjointly the friend (Vennela Kishore) as a standing example of ‘over thirty and not however married’.

What happens once Arjun is pitched against a girl WHO is a lot of sure-footed, has had a rough life and still stays afloat with poise? The juxtaposing of Arjun and Anjali (debutante Ruhani Sharma could be a welcome addition to Telugu cinema) happens through a rather unconventional ‘pelli choopulu’ that goes haywire.

Gently teasing North American nation with fun sequences, the director slips in one thing deeper which will are available the manner of budding relationships, particularly after they follow the normal organized wedding mechanical phenomenon once the possible bride and groom square measure expected to own an exact answer when a gathering or 2. this is often wherever Chi La Sow breaks freed from the rom-com mood and talks concerning relationships that require to own the strength to touch upon not-so-rosy life things with a live of compassion. Sometimes, it’s neither simple to mention ‘yes’ nor walk off with a firm ‘no’.

The narrative unfolds superbly showing Arjun and Anjali as they’re. He making an attempt to grasp the intense facet of life and he or she troubled to interrupt free from the iron-like armour she’s cloaked herself in.

Everything happens on one night once the 2 square measure thrown into surprising things. It’s tasking holding the eye with alittle bunch of characters that square measure regular individuals, not larger than life, not geek ones that do one thing outre to spike up interest.

Chi La Sow takes North American nation into its fold, nudging North American nation to remain with its pace and understand the layers of its key characters and therefore the windstorm of emotions. Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma sparkle through their journey. In their transient elements, Rohini, Vidyu Raman and Rahul Ramakrishna square measure convincing whereas Vennela Kishore, among his restricted screen time, brings within the much-needed humour as he goes through mussy things in his trademark incommunicative vogue.

There square measure phases wherever the spoken language doesn’t transcend absolutely the necessity and music musician Prashanth Vihari rises up to the occasion with a satisfying background score. The ‘Mellaga mellaga’ song is Associate in Nursing icing on the cake.


Chi La Sow (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download
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