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Super Sketch

When Pragna is mysteriously found dead, Inspector Nayak is called to investigate the case. He strongly suspects her four friends and manages to arrest them. Meanwhile, one of the accused father’s is a prominent politician and bails his child out but Nayak, being a sincere officer, refuses to let go of the case.

Super Sketch is a Telugu movie released on 29 Jun, 2018. The movie is directed by Ravi Chavali and featured Narsing Makkala, Gary Tantony, Indrasena and Sameer Datta as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Super Sketch are G. Karthik Reddy and Anika Rao.

Super Sketch (2018) Telugu Review:
Sketch is associate degree professional in seizing vehicles of these fail their EMIs. He’s a man United Nations agency loves his vehicles. once he’s setting off to bash a rival, he’s driving a automobile or bike fashionable . once he’s expression those punch dialogues that Tamil cinema heroes simply ought to say, he’s doing therefore with a keychain of types in his hand. Heck, once he’s gaga and needs to specific it, he will therefore employing a vehicle analogy (“Romba naal shed la irundha vandi ore kick la begin aachuna enna oru sandhosham”). He’s operating for a dealer United Nations agency specialises in automotive conjugation and disposition (yawn, he’s a ‘Seth’) whose life purpose is to confirm the downfall of his arch rival, Royapuram Kumar (someone United Nations agency will afford several cars however prefers driving a specific low-cost car). And in a very bid to plot his revenge, he ropes in Sketch, his most sure aide, and his friends at the automotive workshop.

Director Vijay Chander’s tale could be a sure revenge drama that just about finally ends up hero-worshipping the protagonist a touch an excessive amount of. Vikram’s enthusiasm on the massive screen is basically negated by the dearth of originality within the script, which, aside from the attention-grabbing climax twist, is on expected lines. The actor smokes generously on screen deeming it to be vogue – once, he even smokes barely twenty seconds once he’s advising children not to!

The romance between Sketch and Ammu (Tamannaah, United Nations agency appearance out of place) is nothing to jot down home concerning. Their duets – some neat melodies perforate by heavy-auto calibration by musician Thaman – do very little to require this star vehicle forward. Sketch brakes an excessive amount of and accelerates insufficient .


Super Sketch (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

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