Surya The Brave Soldier (Naa Peru Surya) Hindi Dubbed Mp4 Download

Naa Peru Surya: Naa Illu India

Surya The Brave Soldier / Naa Peru Surya / Naa Illu India / En Peyar Surya En Veedu India

Surya The Brave Soldier 2018 South Hindi Dubbed Download

IMDB Ratings: 7.0/10
Directed: Vakkantham Vamsi
Released Date: 4 May 2018 (India)
Genres: Action
Languages: Hindi
Film Stars: Allu Arjun, Boman Irani, Anu Emmanuel
Movie Quality: 720p HD


Surya The Brave Soldier (Naa Peru Surya) 2018 Hindi Review:
Naa South American country Surya is a couple of stubborn army man (Allu Arjun) with anger management problems. His dream is to fight at the border so folks in his country will sleep in peace and prosper, however his anger comes as a hindrance to his dream. What happens once madness meets meticulous planning? you have got Surya. He has no management over his temper, that once lit has only 1 mode — hit everybody and everything seeable. He includes a robust sense of right and wrong, such a lot so he’s robotic. The onerous military life fails to instill values of self management during this soldier UN agency loves nothing quite to serve his country. once he breaks the principles of the military and kills a terrorist UN agency is unfree as a witness, he’s suspended and compelled to require medicine facilitate to come back to terms with anger. The doctor in question, Rama Krishnam Raju is associate degree acclaimed faculty member on science, UN agency additionally happens to be Surya’s alienated father.

It is theory that a replacement habit are often fashioned associate degreed and an recent one tame twenty one days, says Krishnam Raju and challenges his son to manage his anger to form his dream come back true. however will a person UN agency punches 1st and thinks later manage his anger? This progression is that the better part of the film.

One specific shot of Surya mature his bike and reversing the mirror could be a lovely thanks to show that he’s currently a person blind by dreams, UN agency is additionally getting to flip a blind eye to things that originally got on his nerves.

The fact that he’s losing himself within the race to form his dream a reality comes as slap once he another officer holds a mirror to the person that Surya has become. From a person UN agency thinks of Asian country as his home and includes a batch with no family name, what he had become is jarring and this realization is dramatic.

Naa South American country Surya could be a soldier’s fight with himself, a war that he wages on himself. however will Surya feel within the meanwhile? ‘Like a gun with no bullets. are often cleansed, however not be used’.

It is an excellent premise to explore, associate degreed director Vakkantham Vamsi has tried to suit Allu Arjun’s image of an action star within the film. the matter is with the primary twenty minutes of the film wherever the audience square measure spoon ate up nationalism by showing troopers at borders fighting and getting ready to fight. Did it need such a lot time to inform North American country however dedicated an official Surya is?

Allu Arjun tries to try and do his best within the shoes of a soldier, however at places we tend to see that it’s forced. as an example, once Surya is thrashing up the son of breadstuff (Sarath Kumar), the sequence is super sharp and approval worthy and nonetheless there’s a disconnect.

It is this same disconnect that plays mayhem throughout the film. It might are an excellent coming back aged film, however the switch between Surya the person UN agency is fighting to be himself to the soldier UN agency is standing up for associate degree ex-army man, the road is jarring.

This additionally happens to be another film wherever the feminine lead has nothing a lot of to try and do except dance and be the man’s arm candy. Varsha (Anu Emmanuel) sings, dances, gets mad as a result of Surya is a military man and that they cut. They meet once more, interpret one another and so cut once more solely to fulfill once more when Surya decides to prevent indulgence in massaging his own ego. that’s as so much as their equation grows within the film, to be interrupt shortly as a result of the male lead’s equation with Challa, the antagonist is a lot of vital.

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