Kanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download


Kanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

One would expect ‘Kanam’ to be nothing less than a thriller that will keep you guessing and at the edge of your seat. However, it fails to live up to that expectation.

Cast & Crew
Director: A. L. Vijay
Actor: Naga Shourya, Sai Pallavi, Santhana Bharathi, Nizhalgal Ravi
Release Date: 27 Apr, 2018

Kanam (2018) Telugu Review:
How ‘politically correct’ do films have to be? will we consume films as a mere story or associate degree aggregation of the social attribute it’s created in? And if it’s the latter, however holistic will our perspective be? Is it attainable to create a factually right, comprehensive argument with cinema? Isn’t there invariably a case, associate degree angle or a perspective that may utterly build United States switch sides? These are a number of the long-standing queries that rose once more in my mind as I watched Diya (earlier named Lycavin Karu).

As the earlier title would possibly recommend, the story of Diya revolves around a craniate, or to be a lot of precise, associate degree abortion. whereas well-meant, it doesn’t give a holistic read of the pro-choice vs pro-life discussion. there’s a slide at the top of the film wherever it talks regarding the amount of abortions that girls in our country have and links it to feminine foeticide. However, they’re 2 terribly various things. Having same all this, it becomes necessary to mention that I selected to appear at Diya as a movie simply attempting to inform a story — a tale of a mother whose alternative was unheeded. And as a story in isolation, Diya has its multiple strengths and flaws additionally.

The story is foreseeable. There isn’t a lot of surprise on the far side the primary jiffy till the terribly finish. however the tone and also the mood set by the director and his team is incredibly effective. The frames are drained out of heat, even the alleged happy ones. The film’s frames are bathed in sombre blues and reds — one could be a ‘cold colour’ usually accustomed convey melancholy and also the different is connotative the bloodshed concerned. the color palette effectively sets the mood because the film progresses from one crime to a different.

The names in Diya are pretty attention-grabbing. The film opens with a hospital named Hope. we have a tendency to later get one named Arokya. Sai Pallavi is called Tulasi, a healthful herb (she plays a doctor within the film). And in tune with the film’s blue shades, we have a tendency to get a lead named avatar (Naga Shourya). The writing of the film plays with the distinction — dramatic things get treated with subtlety. It additionally permits for revenge marked with symbolism. however all of this is often not while not jarring notes. Diya indulges in an exceedingly few half-hearted diversions and people convince be dear. for instance, was it necessary to aim to fool United States that Tulasi isn’t Krishna’s bride? Why was Santhana Bharathi utilized in simply 2 scenes wherever he says the whole opposite things? From being a joke of a cop, however will RJ Balaji suddenly get the drive to ‘investigate’? These character arcs aren’t carven properly.


Kanam (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download
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