Hello Guru Prema Kosame (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Hello Guru Prema Kosame

Hello Guru Prema Kosame (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Hello Guru Prema Kosame is a clean entertainer that may not surprise you much but gives a good reason to hit theatres for the festival holidays.

Cast & Crew
Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Actor: Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran, Pranitha Subhash, Prakash Raj, Mahesh Achanta
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2018

Hello Guru Prema Kosame (2018) Telugu Review:
First things 1st, the film is staged as a under-the-table speech communication between Sanju and Vishwanath concerning the art of falling dotty and its consequences. Right from the instant Sanju realises he’s dotty with Anupama, he finally ends up disbursal longer along with her father discussing the sincerity of his love towards her. The logic being, Vishwanath is that the quite one who won’t break his promise and within the story, he guarantees to be Sanju’s friend. because of a series of logical permutations and mixtures, Sanju convinces Vishwanath that he should facilitate him out as a disciple. as a result of Vishwanath isn’t simply Sanju’s friend however conjointly Anupama’s father you’re bombarded with endless speak on what’s right and wrong, reckoning on whether or not Vishwanath listens to Sanju’s endless confessions as a disciple or as a father.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame is additionally a romantic drama with little or no romance. There’s a lead actor, however apart from one scene wherever she primarily connects the dots, we have a tendency to barely apprehend what she’s thinking. It’s virtually like her perspective concerning her own sex activity doesn’t matter as a result of the opposite 2 men in her life are creating all the selections concerning what’s best for her. Trinadh Rao doesn’t show US something in terms of what Anupama feels for Sanju and instead, he adds yet one more ‘logic’ within the finish to tie the loose ends within the story. The film tilts towards a very male-centric purpose of read concerning romance and relationships, and although all the characters talks concerning protective the quality of relationships and respect towards elders, it simply gets dull when a degree.

Despite all its drawbacks, there are some things that work well within the film. The bromance between Ram and Prakash rule is explored well, and although they’re stuck in a very friend-or-father mire, the pair deliver good performances. Ram is lovable in his role and he leaves his mark throughout the emotional sequences. Pranitha Subhash includes a well-etched role and her transient romantic track with Ram is literary. Amidst of these actors and their characters, it’s unfathomable why Anupama Parameshwaran’s role is therefore underwritten. It’s not even her fault that she barely had something to figure with within the film, and most of her scenes are treated as a much-needed distraction from the overwhelming bromance between the 2 men in her life.


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